User Interface Design

Woodhouse Hotel Room Control App


Creating an innovative and complete hotel experience for guests.

This university assignment brief required a number of states to demonstrate how a hotel room control app would look on a tablet device. The aim was to create an easy to use and aesthetically pleasing interface with a number of unique functionalities.

Three user personas were developed before the design stage to take different user types and user goals into consideration. This would ensure equal accessibility and seamless usability for beginner, intermediate and expert users.


Woodhouse is designed for the easy control of climate and light for each room. Users can easily choose or customise their own presets.

Event Planner

Woodhouse lets hotel guests explore and filter events and places nearby. Users can plan their visit, as well as being able to view and submit reviews.


Woodhouse is also your entertainment hub and remote control. Users can browse libraries of on demand TV and music for when it’s time to wind down.

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