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Briefbox are an online resource website that allow aspiring graphic designers to enhance their design skills with practice briefs.

Most importantly, development and growth is key for any designer, and Briefbox provide a great outlet for me to both practice and showcase my creativity. 

Briefbox encourage their users to step out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves to take on different types of design projects and work to set deadlines.

Furthermore, you can stay up to date with my submissions at

Hey Chat Messenger App Design Brief

“Hey Chat will combine both traditional messaging with suggested interest groups based on what a users discussions are about. Secondly, ensure the UI is simple and easy to interact with.”


As a result, the bright colours elicit positive emotions and give the app a sense of excitement and fun. The landing page is engaging, and once users are registered, the app is easy to toggle between messages and groups for a seamless experience. 


  • 1 x Landing / Sign up layout
  • 1 x User / Dashboard layout
  • Modern aesthetic app design

Henry’s Honey Logo & Label Brief

“‘Henry’s Honey’ is a premium British company that pride themselves on producing luxury, organic honey. The client is really keen on keeping the label clean and modern, with a ‘less-is-more’ approach; only include essential elements.”


Therefore, I went for simplicity and minimalism for Henry’s Honey. I wanted to make sure the hive was adaptable to an alternative logo and a recognisable icon. The modern typeface is uppercase to give it a reliable and established feel.


  • 1 Final Logo
  • 1 Alternative Logo
  • Icon to represent the brand
  • Honey Jar Label mock-up

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